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ABOUT ME (the serious bit!)

A 20 year veteran of Furniture Upcycling.

Teaching and explaining concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner, that instills confidence, is one of my key skills.

I have experience in front of the camera, both live TV and Live & Pre-recorded Digital.  

As a Craft and DIY Workshop Trainer, I am happiest with an audience in front of me,  and a brush in my hand.

I regularly work directly with paint manufacturers, training and educating their retailers in paint, product & technique. A KEY SKILL is teaching retailers how to run workshops.

I am FOUNDER of 'How to Paint Like a Pro' on Facebook. A 37,000, (May 2019), rapidly growing, community of hugely motivated, knowledge-hungry Upcyclers, Crafters & Decorative Painters.

My product knowledge & market insight have lent me the ability to spot trends & understand customer needs.

I am rapidly becoming one of the best-known & most trusted names in the DIY and Upcycling business.

'How to Paint Like a Pro' is a Facebook Group with incredible engagement. Members are individually vetted, & join in order to participate & learn about products, techniques & to gather inspiration. Every post must add value to members.

I work with Bloggers, Manufacturers and Influencers to keep the feed compelling and relevant.

My LIVE Tutorials are highly popular and result in direct sales for retailers

I specialise in teaching & motivating customers to purchase via 'Live' Workshop Demos.

My reach has exceeded 1.5m views on a single 'LIVE'.

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The most important thing to know about me you do not need to read this page to learn from me. I will not be offended.

Nor will I know.

I am a real person. Painting is my happy place. Teaching is my gift.

I am British. I live in Canada.

If you know you have an interest in creativity, love to learn new skills, enjoy nights out and spending time with friends, get in touch! 

Fiona XOXO

How to Paint Like a Pro - September 2017

How to Paint Like a Pro - September 2017