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ABOUT ME (the serious bit!)

A 20 year veteran of Furniture Upcycling.

Day to day, Fiona works directly with paint manufacturers training and educating their retailers in paint, product & technique.

A sought after Keynote Speaker and Conference Moderator, Fiona is happiest with an audience in front of her, and a brush in her hand.

Fiona is the founder of the huge Facebook Group 'How To Paint Like a Pro' - offering free advice and information to painters worldwide.



The most important thing to know about me you do not need to read this page to learn from me. I will not be offended.

Nor will I know.

I am a real person. Painting is my happy place. Teaching is my gift.

I am British. I live in Canada.

If you know you want to grow your business, have an interest in creativity and love to inspire others - whilst earning a living, get in touch! 

Fiona XOXO