Fiona Debell Artist

artist statement

My need to apply paint, to create art is a compulsion. I have spent over 20 years teaching refinishing and decorative art workshops, working alongside some of the most renowned paint professionals out there.

Using skills and techniques I have practiced over many years, and utilizing my knowledge of materials and texture, I have honed my craft.

I love playing with depth and shine, as well as a smooth matt finish. I learn every day and find huge inspiration from the working artists I see locally and around the world sharing their work.

2019 will see me moving towards a cohesive collection of Elemental Textures, drawing on my love of bright, jewel tones contrasted with the beauty of precious metals.

I work on many pieces at any given time. Each layer of my work requires time and attention. Whether you are enchanted by the glass like finish of one of my resin pieces or enjoy the loose nature of my textured abstracts, I can promise you there is a story behind every work.

My goal is to create pieces that encourage you to stop and look. I want you to enjoy the piece and perhaps feel a little of the enchantment I felt in making it for you.


Working in a variety of mixed media I explore colour and texture in composition, developing a natural flow through my art.



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