The Copper Leaf Table

I really, really wanted a Copper Leaf Table. Over in the UK Oliver Bonas is one of my favourite stores!

Inspiration pieces from  |

But I can't buy Oliver Bonas Furnishings here in Canada! Bah Humbug!

So what is a girl to do? Why of course i grabbed my trusty Gilding Size, (thats glue for gold leafing, or silver or copper or any colour) and my Copper Leaf and I got busy!

Before and After of an occasional table with copper leaf applied.  |

Before and After of an occasional table with copper leaf applied.  |

I bought this little occasional table last year on Kijiji as a short term solution to a lack of space in our hallway. We have since moved house and it has been sitting in the basement for months. I have to tell you it was pretty dinged up and not in the best condition!

My first step was to give the table a really good clean. I used a fantastic product from Maison Blanche called Furniture Cleaner & Prep. If you watch my video below you can see it in action! 

I simply followed the instructions on the label.

prep and clean

Next I lightly sanded the entire surface with a sanding pad. It was an old pad but I think it was around 180 grit.

Collette from  Maison Blanche .

Collette from Maison Blanche.

Once I had wiped away the excess dust I took some Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint in the colour Collette - it is the most gorgeous shade I could think of to pair with my copper - I wanted that authentic 'Verdigris' look!

This paint applies like butter and is velvety smooth, but I wanted to create texture. I worked my brush back and forth using the paint in thicker and thinner variations.

Creating deliberate brush strokes with it was actually quite difficult!

You can see the result to an extent below.

Deliberate Brush Strokes and semi-applied Copper leaf on a table. |

Deliberate Brush Strokes and semi-applied Copper leaf on a table. |

The next step was to wait for the paint to dry. This paint is very beautiful and once applied needs a coat of wax. The company says, "Vintage Furniture Paint will adhere to most surfaces. Finish and protect with Maison Blanche Paint Company's Antique Wax or Varnish".

Once the paint was dry - I only did one coat as I was going to cover up most of the paint - I applied my Leaf Size, which is just the posh way of saying I painted glue over the paint.

I used Mona Lisa Gilding Adhesive but I also like the Martha Stewart brand.

Apply the glue - it is white when applied - and wait for it to turn clear. You can get a really good example of how this looks on my Copper Leaf Dollar Store China Post

Next I applied the leaf.

I bought mine from Amazon - Click here for the one I got - but you can get it at craft stores too!

Leaf looks like this:

The video below is the best demo i can give forward to 23 minutes and 15 seconds! Alternatively you can also hop over to this Blog Post for a step by step on applying the leaf.

Fiona's Thursday Tutorial. HOW TO USE COPPER LEAF ON FURNITURE followed by discussion on how to charge for repainting a kitchen. PRODUCT LIST: Maison Blanche Furniture Prep & Clean Maison Blanche Paint in 'Colette' FREE SHIPPING WITH THIS Code FREESHIPPINGFD at checkout! FREE SHIPPING WITH THIS LINK: or use FREESHIPPINGFD at checkout! Copper Leaf (available from Michaels, Craft Stores and Amazon) Leaf Size (the glue) I used Mona Lisa brand but also like Martha Stewart (available from Michaels, Craft Stores and Amazon)

Posted by Fiona Debell - The Paint Pro on Thursday, 16 November 2017

Once the leaf is applied I seal it with a coat of wax. This protects the surface (water and spills can cause it to get black spots). You can use a Poly if you like too.

I seal with wax because it retains the beautiful sheen.  I actually used FAT Paint Clear Wax followed by Maison Blanche Dark Brown Wax.

I just love the way it turned out -I even gilded the little furniture knobs!

Beautiful finish on a little table using copper leaf.  |

Beautiful finish on a little table using copper leaf.  |

See how I allowed the pretty paint to peek through?

Copper Table from the front.  |

Copper Table from the front.  |

Let me know if you give this a go! Leafing is surprisingly simple and once you give it a try I guarantee you will be hooked!

Have fun out there!

Fiona XOXO

Disclaimer: Maison Blanche provided me with product but the opinions are my own. Any links to Maison Blanche here will get you FREE SHIPPING on your order.
FAT Paint provided the wax and I love it. Again that is my own opinion.

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