Transfer Gel Furniture Knobs!

For several years, before moving to Canada from the UK I was a Transfer Gel Addict. Yes, I tried every product I could get my hands on!

Transfer gel

The truth is I used to spend hours every week creating beautiful custom Furniture Knobs from plain old wooden knobs.

I used both Decoupage as a process and Transfer Gel.

knobs 2
knobs 3

The examples here are Image Transfers. I created them and got the glorious shine using a gloss top coat and the matte finish is a matte top coat..

Decoupage works wonderfully too.


So here is the process, please bear with me - I will have some beautiful finished images to show you later but for now, here is the how to!

Start with plain old wooden knobs. Just like these ones. Unfinished wood is best, but if they have a sheen or a finish give them a quick burnish with 180 grit sandpaper. You can paint them too - but make sure your paint is not glossy. A porous paint works best.

Photo from Alibaba

Photo from Alibaba

If you are painting your knobs, they don't have to be wooden!

Take some Transfer Gel - there are loads on the market. I like the Fusion Mineral Paint product, but you can use any! 

I am talking specifically about Transfer here, so follow the instructions!

Your image MUST have been printed on a LASER PRINTER

You can also use WRAPPING PAPER, PHOTOCOPY, or have it printed by a print shop.

Cut a circle in the design - about the same size as the diameter of your knob. Remember if you have words they need to be printed in reverse.

NOTE - be sure you have permission to use the images - when I sold my knobs all the designs I had I had a commercial copyright for.

Paste the gel onto the design - be generous!

Stick to the knob. Smooth with your finger to ensure all the air bubbles are removed.

Wait 12 hours and rub the paper off using water, with your finger. You have to be gentle, but the beauty of transfer is its imperfect nature!

Beautiful on raw wood!

Beautiful on raw wood!

You can finish with a clear top coat!

See my HOMETALK LIVE below for a full tutorial! 


It is simply the best way to dress up those boring old cabinet pulls!

Transfer Gel Detail

Transfer Gel Detail

Just stunning!