Birch Tree Wall Art Hack

I love a hack as much as the next person. And this one is a real winner. But don't be fooled - I did NOT paint these amazing Birch Trees.

Though all my guests and visitors assume I did!

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Birch Tree Art made easy!

Birch Tree Art made easy!

So let me let you into a secret...creating this picture was SUPER EASY!

Each time I have recorded a video on How to Paint Like a Pro with this behind me there have been a dozen questions about it!

So because I am a girl of my word, and I did promise you I would show you 'How To', here you are. A step, by, step.


Just because I used Birch Trees, does not mean you have to! I could have gone with flowers, or animals or even abstract work.

But I like the Birch Trees.

The supplies list is very simple. I actually got the canvas from the Thrift store - it had an ugly print on it, but the canvas was huge!


  • An Art Canvas or Wooden Board
  • Good Quality Acryllic Paint in a light colour. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk
  • Decoupage Gel. I used Fusion Mineral Paint Decoupage & Transfer Gel
  • Napkins. I used Birch Tree print, but you can use any you happen to like.
  • Gold / Silver / Copper Leaf. Available on Amazon or from Craft Stores.
  • Paint Texturizing Powder. I used Fresco from Fusion Mineral Paint.
Get your supplies together

Get your supplies together

I LOVE these Birch Tree Napkins.


This actual canvas came from the Thrift Store. It was huge and had an ugly print on it, so I painted out the pattern with Off White Paint (Champlain from Fusion Mineral Paint).

Once the paint was dry I was ready to go. I recommend you paint your canvas in all cases.

Step 1.

Mix your Paint Texturising Powder with your paint. I used Fresco from Fusion, and added enough powder to create a lumpy, cottage cheese consistency. I applied the Mixture to the canvas in a random fashion. I wanted lumps, bumps, peaks and troughs.

I placed the canvas outside in the sun to dry .

TIP - Heat creates these great cracks and crackles!

Lovely crackles in the texture!

Lovely crackles in the texture!

Step 2.

Once the paint mixture was dry, I moved on to my Decoupage. I think if I were to do this again I would add a little colour at this stage to the background.

Taking my napkins I tore, or cut, along the length of the tree image. Remember, to separate the layers of tissue! You want to work with the top layer - the one with the print on it.

Having laid them out in a random pattern, I took my decoupage gel and painted it directly onto the canvas.

TIP - Use Cling Wrap to smoosh down the napkins! It stops them tearing!

Step 3.

Once the decoupage is dry take your Gold / Silver / Copper Leaf and get ready to apply. Use the Gilding Adhesive or Leaf Size (a fancy name for glue!). I used the Martha Stewart brand which I got from the craft store, but there are many out there!

You can see the full Martha Stewart Kit right here:

The Martha Stewart Gilding Kit

The Martha Stewart Gilding Kit

Apply the glue, and once it goes clear and tacky you can apply the leaf.  See my video here for instructions on application.

Stand back and admire your work!

that is all there is to it!

Didn't I tell you it was easy?

Work in progress on the kitchen table!

Work in progress on the kitchen table!

Looks just like a painting!

Looks just like a painting!

Have fun out there and be sure to post your creations here for me to see! You can buy products on-line here and for a 15% discount see the code below!




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