How to Paint Like a Pro Roundup & MOre!

It's time for a 'How to Paint Like a Pro' roundup! Yipee!

The last couple of weeks have been amazing. The inspiration and information we now have on Pro is incredible. What a fabulous group of generous, giving and knowledgeable folk!


Did you get a chance to view my LIVE 'HOW TO' that goes alongside my DIY Blog to create the lovely Birch Tree Wall Art? No?

See the blog HERE or if you prefer real time, CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW for the video.

If you are looking for some fall inspiration just take a look at the incredible colours, products and techniques used in our 'ORANGE' post! I was stunned!

Not only did we cover orange - but we had to include all those amazing shades of yellow, mustard, ochre, if ornage is not your bag, how about this for some sunshine fun?

We had a couple of AMAZING 'ARTISAN Q & A' sessions too. The first with the lovely Melanie Alexander of Lost and Found Decor. If you missed it you can watch it again HERE.

Melanie nominated Wendy Batten of Front Porch Mercantile and you can catch Wendy's advice and information in the replay HERE.

Do you sometimes have questions but don't want to ask yourself? (we have lots of members who love to read, but are sometimes a little shy).

Have you been wondering about products or what is the best thing to use? Well guess what we have a LOT of information in the Group from users JUST LIKE YOU!

So hop over - you can actually search for key words! So easy!

I literally posted this Sander question a moment ago! Click here is of interest! Oj just browse the group HERE.

Thats all for now!