Saltwash. A new addition to my toolkit!

Oh my. Saltwash! Honestly this stuff should be a staple in every painters toolkit.

Saltwash is an additive mixed into paint to create texture and age.  |

This is a FUN blog post. I mean super fun, because I got to play with a product I have wanted to try for ages!

And play I did. In fact I even got my friends involved!

But you don't need me to wax lyrical about can simply watch the 3 videos I made during the 'Saltwash Week' over on How to Paint Like a Pro!

First up...raised texture. 

No need for me to explain..simply watch the video below.

I used Maison Blanche Paint in Collette and Oyster, a stencil click here for similar and a wooden storage box from the dollar store. This box would do in a pinch. Oh, and my Saltwash!

You will also need a bowl to mix, sandpaper and a little patience (or a hairdryer).

Check it out...

Next up, a really easy makeover. I picked up a very inexpensive (and it looked it) clock from my local dollar store - it cost be around $4.

Now it looks beautiful and I am happy to have it in my home. Would I have had it on my wall before the makeover? Not a chance!

Simply click the blog post fro a really easy step by step. The list of what you need is pretty much the same as above, only we dont need a stencil and the clock is our canvas!

Finally, my lovely friend Ashley Abell of Attics of My Life joined me for a LIVE Facebook demo using Saltwash to create texture on a wooden shelf - you can actually buy the entire shelf kit directly from

This is what we made...

I turned the 40 minute LIVE into 4 minutes - I hope you enjoy!

Saltwash have been really kind to me - and just for you, we have an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE - and its a good one! 

Get 25% off your online order in the US and Canada until 17th February 2018 using the code PRO at checkout at

I hope you enjoyed the videos! I am honing my editing skills -I am not 100% there yet, but hopefully you see an improvement.

Have a wonderful day - and if you are interested in a Toronto Workshop, with me, be sure to check out the EVENTS page of my website!

Happy Painting!

Fiona XOXO

p.s. what do you think of my little promo video?