Product Review of Maison Blanche Prep & Clean


I wanted to share this experience with you - because it was overwhelmingly positive!

FURNITURE CLEANER & PREP - Maison Blanche Paint Company

I used the Maison Blanche Paint Company 'Furniture Cleaner & Prep' on a desk. 

Annie Hoffmann, creator of Maison Blanche was kind enough to send me a number of products to test and this particular product has been on my list for a while - I just needed the right piece to test it on. 

The following is simply my opinion.

This is the piece I was testing - there will be a super sweet blog post coming on this ones transformation! 

A BEFORE of a super cute desk ready to be prepped and painted.  |

My sweet vanity looked pretty clean and did not smell. It looked like the perfect candidate for a good old clean. I suspect the dreaded Pledge has featured heavily in this girls life!

I removed my hardware and went to work. The bottle says 'leave for 1 minute', but it took me longer than that to spray the entire piece. The website advised 5 minutes - so I went with that!

There was no discernible smell to the spray, it went on easily and I would say it stretches a long way! The bottle I have will last me a long time.

So I stood back and waited. As I saw the liquid turning nicotine brown i noticed the pong of the years of gunk also emerged. Yuk!

I wiped the surfaces - oh my it was GROSS. You should see the colour of the cloths!

I have to say I was super impressed - I have used various cleaning products and have never seen a reaction like this. I even had a small area on the vanity where I was using a 'environmentally friendly TSP' from another boutique paint brand, at the same time to see if there was a difference. I have to tell you the Maison Blanche product won hands down!

Once I wiped away the 'vanity juice' the smell was gone - nice!

When it was dry I began my standard prep - sanding, removing the dust and then I reached for the Maison Blanche Clear Furniture Primer. I applied it with an MB brush - I have to tell you it went on like a dream. I will report back on the results when I have them!

Overall I was VERY happy with the Cleaner & Prep product - this is what they say on the website:

'Prep and Clean is a 32oz bottle of magic! Simply squirt onto the furniture you will be painting, wait five minutes and then wipe it off. No rinsing! This liquid gold finds dirt that your eyes didn't even see leaving your piece clean as a whistle and ready to be painted. Guess what else, if the piece has been treated with Pledge or waxes over the years Prep and Clean will eat it off!

Prep and Clean is low odor but do be ready to smell the funk when it pulls out all of the grease and grime that has settled into your furniture piece over the years'.

I will be using it again for certain!

If you decide to buy please click this link-

Using this link means I make a couple of cents and can keep putting my time into this blog and How to Paint Like a Pro! 😊