Five Words

Five Words is a copy of a post I wrote on Facebook in February 2018. It was written from the heart and I wanted to post it here to share with you.

It was inspired by this cartoon image from Melanie Gillman.

Today I value my time and talent and knowledge. A year ago I did not. Only I didn’t realize that back then.

It has been a hard path and I had to make some big decisions along the way (walking away from a regular income, putting my ideas and concepts out to the public, building a personal brand, believing that I am actually an artist - something I always played down and hid - because what if everyone laughed at me?).

So what was my tipping point? It was actually pretty simple. It came down to 5 words. Those 5 words categorized me.

The words were spoken by a person who was feeling threatened by me and my success - though there was no need. They were spoken by someone who wanted to be sure my burgeoning confidence was stamped out.

You may be someone who is happy to bathe in reflected glory, allowing your achievements to be claimed as another’s success. That may be your sweet spot. It was mine for a long time. But my confidence had grown. I knew I was great at what I did. I knew I wanted to explore my creativity.

Those 5 words, spoken out of spite, acted like a catapult. I will be forever grateful that I truly heard them.

I was ready to fly.

So how do you change? How do you build your self belief?

In my case I realized that there was zero respect for my contribution. For the knowledge, experience and creativity I brought to the table. I realized that was on me.

Why? Because I did not value myself!

Only once you value yourself can you begin to grow.

It doesn’t matter if you need the confidence to post a picture of your work on Facebook for the world to see, or if you are looking for a whole new career path. The first step is respecting your knowledge and experience enough to dip a toe in the water. Or jump right in.

Most people want good things for others.

Very few people start from a position of jealousy or unpleasantness. Believe that most people will want you to succeed. Believe that you will succeed. But more importantly, believe that it doesn’t matter what other people think.

What YOU think of YOU is the most important opinion. In fact, it should be the only opinion that truly counts.

Those 5 words were meant to undermine me. Instead they brought me to my senses.

I realized I was not being rewarded emotionally or financially.

Never underestimate the value of emotional reward. It is the key to confidence which is the key to self belief which is the key to success.

The ability to say ‘No’ or to ask for what you are worth is important. You only get what you want if (a) you know what you want and (b) you believe you are worth it.

Confidence comes from self belief. Self belief comes from confidence.

By valuing my time and my hard earned knowledge I get to do what I love and be rewarded for it.

I don’t need to feel guilty because ‘it’s so easy’ or ‘anyone can do it’, because they can’t.

I know that I have a knack with teaching people to create, and to create with confidence.

Just because I love what I do doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable!

Value your self. Then put that confidence into everything you do. It may be a long path, but if your heart is happy your head will be stronger.

I have learned to say ‘No’, (probably the hardest thing of all for me) and I am giving away less for free. I finally learned my value.

This cartoon triggered something. I just started typing. I seem to have written a book!

Finally, no, I will not tell you the 5 words!

Pep talk over!