Paul Smith Inspired MCM Dresser

So, this really is a Paul Smith (a super cool British designer from my husband's home town) inspired dresser.

Paul Smith is known for his amazing striped fabrics.

Before and after of a striped MCM dresser.  |

I have had this little MCM dresser for a few years. It was originally a nasty greenish laminate and to be honest is not the sturdiest of pieces.

I painted it a couple of years ago with an acrylic based furniture paint. My husband always hated it. I never loved it, (it had a weird 'face' when I looked at it I think).

After just a couple of years, the paint was scratched on top and we had some issues where the cat slid down it, (seriously, dont ask!).

Before of a painted laminate MCM dresser.

So when the Dixie Belle Paint Company challenged me to go LIVE on their Facebook Page I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give this dresser a facelift.

I got it into my head that I wanted to use just about every Dixie Belle Colour I could get my hands on! Seriously yummy colours! If you want to try Dixie Belle - and I suggest you do - you can find your local retailer HERE.


Before I go on I have to say this -  I WOULD NORMALLY HAVE USED TAPE FOR SUPER STRAIGHT LINES - and I recommend you do.

Because I was LIVE and needed to apply the paint quickly, there was no way I could tape without pulling off my newly applied paint.

You can see the entire process here, direct from the Dixie Belle Facebook Page.

This was some serious work!

Check out these stills from the video.

In the end I was pretty pleased with the entire process. Wobbly lines and all!

Dixie Belle is incredibly easy to apply and use. The coverage is great and it is very forgiving!

The colour I used on the body of the dresser was 'Caviar' and I finished the entire piece using the fantastic 'Easy Peasy Spray Wax'. This product is a must for any furniture painters tool kit!

What do you think?

The 'After' of a painted MCM dresser by Fiona Debell using Dixie Belle paint.  |
Pretty Painted dresser with stripes by Fiona Debell.  |

I love it! My son has bagged it for his room!

Quick Question - Do you like my artwork? I am actually a painter of pictures too!


Fiona Debell shows her mini artworks on a dresser display.  |

Have a great day - and let me know if you are inspired to get 'STRIPING'.

Fiona XOXO