Stencil Like a Pro!

With the Belles and the Beau!

Did you know I am one of the Tour instructors for the New Jersey Belles and Beau Tour?

I am joined by some of my favourite peeps of the decorative painting world!

If you want to know who they are head over to the website and find out…you will not be disappointed. I make it a rule these days to only keep the VERY BEST company.

The schedule is very cool…5 complete projects and a heap of learning! All in a single day.

So, what will I be teaching?

Will I be teaching you how to hang your washing? |

No…I am not teaching you how to wash your clothes, but rather I will be teaching a FABRIC PAINTING and STENCILLING workshop.

Get ready to have the best dressed table this Thanksgiving! |

If you understand how to properly paint fabric, you can refinish sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more at a fraction of the cost of re-upholstering!

Using some very cool products, we will explore colour and explain why painting fabric is so great! |

Because what is more fun than hand decorated fabric or knowing how to turn a horrid, ugly old chair into something stunning?

Learn how to stencil fabric to perfection - as well as how to paint fabric on furniture! |

So here is a little sneak peek at the project I will be working on with you. We will be using some very special stencils, courtesy of [RE]Design with Prima and the fantastic Chalk Mineral Paint that is Dixie Belle Paint.

Learn how to use contrasting colours to create beautiful decor. |

Playing with contrasting colours and blending over a stencil will give those who attend real confidence to go home and create more beautiful pieces on their own.

Add beauty to your life with a splash of colour! |

With a few insider tips and a healthy dose of fun, I know those of you who come to New Jersey will leave with a renewed sense of enjoyment for our craft, as well as having had an unforgettable experience!

Adding colour in layers or blending. |

In case you didn’t realize what this post is all about, I’m going to be specific. You need to buy your ticket for New Jersey!

You can get it HERE

The date is November 3rd 2019. Don’t wait too long however - I know there are not too many left!

Even when we start with the same tools, no two pieces are the same! |

I really hope to see you in person!

Fiona XOXO

Learn how to create these painted napkins with me, Fiona Debell. |