Why Staging Outdoors is Absolutely OK!

I truly believe that those working so hard at re-loving and re-finishing and re-purposing furniture are both creative and resourceful. 

We put so much of ourselves into our work that it breaks my heart to see homogenized 'staging' with ultra plain white backgrounds and identical 'sets' of props. When everything looks the same we become blind to it.

You are creative. Feed your creativity. It is what makes your 'Brand' YOUR brand!

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The Ugly Laminate Table

Did you see the Laminate table?

It was UGLY - but it was a very pretty shape. I don't even really have a good 'Before' picture, but you can see exactly how I transformed it!

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How to Paint Like a Pro Roundup & MOre!

It's time for a 'How to Paint Like a Pro' roundup! Yipee!

The last couple of weeks have been amazing. The inspiration and information we now have on Pro is incredible. What a fabulous group of generous, giving and knowledgeable folk!

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