This Is Me.


10 years ago I swapped heels for steel toe caps, and a laptop for a paint brush. I LOVED it.

We grew our little family into four humans. Acquired 2 goats, many chickens, ducks and the occasional pony came to stay.


Then, 3 years ago, BOOM!

With a six and a seven year old in tow, (aka 'The Tweeps'), my husband and I hopped over the atlantic and took up residence in Canada. Yup. It was fast and crazy. And I nearly went insane. But in the end we made it it one piece.

So the adventure began.

Now we are here. Midtown Toronto. It could not be more different from the life I left behind.

Join me in my journey. I talk to myself, a lot, so I feel a little better if I share!

I will bring you interesting reads, the occasional laugh, and some great pointers for lovey things for your home, garden or just for you.

I would be honoured if you subscribed to my little blog.

See the pretty in everything.

See the pretty in everything.