A Clean Sheet

I have just returned from an amazing week with the family aboard what can only be described as a floating palace.  It was outstanding in every way and I have come home refreshed and ready to inspire and be inspired.

A rest and some distance has allowed me to take stock.  I have had an on-line presence for so many years - but never with any true focus.  I have been an Email Marketing Pro, a Sales Director, a Mother, a Painter, a Teacher and a sometime-blogger.  But what does it all add up to?  A great big messy mess is what!  So as of today, right now, this very second, I am on a clean up mission.

I have deleted the long held Pinterest Page upon which I had accrued over 15000 Pins - I have re-named and edited and am hopefully and somewhere nearer to cleaning up my virtual graveyard of past thoughts and imaginings.  You can see my newly started, burgeoning boards here.

I am sure there will still be remnants and trickles for years to come - and I am sure no-one but my own ego will care - but this is my first day of cleaning house.  So welcome.

Welcome to Fiona Debell - Decorative Painting Workshop Specialist.  I am delighted to meet you. I am honoured to be starting this clean and lean new me with the wonderful support of Jennylyn Pringle, President of Fusion Mineral Paint and the Homestead House Paint Co.  My official Title is Workshop Ambassador - Fusion Mineral Paint.  

The faith shown in me by Alicia Dubrawski of Pepperwood Design, Jackson's Point, Ontario goes without saying.  Thank you my friend.  By the way - anyone wishing to attend an open workshop can do so at Pepperwood - I run them.  Just get in contact.

So hello, thanks for dropping by, and see you soon!