Who needs new shoes when you can just paint the old ones?

I painted my shoes.  They were old, and grubby, and very, very comfy.  And I didn't want to throw them away.  So I painted them.  I happened to have pints on hand, but a tester pot would have been more than enough - in fact the coverage with Fusion is so good, that even with a little tester, there would have been enough paint for another project.


Just follow the steps for the full tutorial.  It's very simple.

You will need:  1 pair of old shoes, free of dust and dirt, (these were suede), Fusion Mineral Paint - I used two colours from the brand new Tones for Tots range, (available in stores May 28th).  Little Teapot (turquoise) and Little Star (yellow), brushes, Fusion's lovely Beeswax Finish and a soft, lint free cloth.


Seriously, it is this easy!


Honestly...keep following!


Just remember to sand between coats!


Got to keep the soles looking good...


Beeswax Finish to prevent cracking.


And done!  Took less than an hour.  It would have taken me longer to get to the store for a new pair - and these are so comfy I don't have to worry about sore feet!

I am wearing them right now.  Happy Painting Paint People!

I am wearing them right now.  Happy Painting Paint People!