How to Commission Me

Do you love my work but want something a little more personal to you? Talk to me. It is as simple as that.

We can decide on size, colour emphasis and textures. You can let me know what you love and what drew you to my work.

All commissions are a collaboration. You have already chosen me to create your commissioned artwork, now I will listen to you, hear what you want and move forward with the work. We will agree a timescale, cost and expectations before I even pick up a brush.


What you need to know?

All commissions will take place under contract - just like any major purchase. Once the commission is booked (the timeline set and all aspects of the work agreed) a 50% non refundable deposit is required for work to commence.  

The price will be clearly outlined and agreed upon before any work commences. Timelines will be agreed and set prior to commencement.

If you have reference material for me I will require this prior to commencement. The initial creative process of the artwork will be agreed in advance, including colours, style etc. based upon my previous work.

Regular update images can be requested.

Final approval can be in person or via imagery. Final payment is required upon final approval and collection.

Art Leasing

Art leasing allows you to add ‘a little something iconic’ without commitment. Great for Developers, Realtors, Corporate Spaces or anyone with the vision of a real ‘WOW’ factor. Changing up your space seasonally or bi-annually will impress, makes for a great environment and allows you to fall in love with my work day, by day!

Contact me for a consultation.

Art Lease with Optional Anniversary Buyout

Monthly lease payments are based on 2.5% of the retail value of the artwork. The lessor has the option to buy-out the lease (in whole or in part) on the second, third, fourth or fifth anniversaries. The minimum term of the lease is 24 months. Buy-out option rates are as follows:

2 Years 60% of Original Value

3 Years 40% of Original Value

4 Years 20% of Original Value

5 Years 10% of Original Value